Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New official scam

nomorerack.com. Please beware Of this new scam. There are many posting about this site going around. And I myself have been scammed by this site. They charge most credit cards. And people never get their order. The people that do, even have complaints. Like one ladies purse was rusted. The metal parts where rusted. My personal complaint with them is they have struck out three times with me. I think we all know of my three strike rule.

I ordered from them.

First time, the item took a week to get to me. Once it got to me, it was not even the item i ordered. And they  have no phone number or shipping address to send it back. Only and E-mail. Which they never did answer.

Second time I made an order, the item I got HAD to be a used Item. It was a DVD movie. The case was already open. The CD was scratched. Not like a big scratch on it, from shipping. It had the scratchy fog of a DVD that had been used and played over and over

And The third time The item never even got to me. My card was of course charged. But the item never came. They have told me that they have no record of charging my card what so ever. My credit card company told me, when I called them, this is not the first time they have had to refund for using this site. And urged me not to use the site again.

As well here is a link of other customer who have been scammed. Please be careful when ordering from sites. I have made this mistake and have learned from it. And soon I myself will be posting a page in this blog. Of stores that are know to have these problems. As well as Auction sites.


If you are going to order from a site, and you want some input about it, do not hesitate to contact me. I do not have to know you. I will let you know if I have had orders from them in the past. And I will give you as much info as I can on the site. I might not know you, but I do not want to see anyone get scammed. So do not hesitate to send me and email or comment on my blog. I really just want to help people out. Most emails and comments will be checked or sent to my phone. So if it is a comment or question that you really need and answer to quick, I will do my best to answer ASAP.

My list of fake sites

While I have been hard at work, I have found several fakes sites. This is where I will post these things. Please remember that I have different reason for posting these as fake sites. If I neglect to give a reason, let me know. And I will give one. If you feel that a site was put on here by mistake, let me know. Share with me why you feel I have given a bad review. I do not want to give people wrongful info. So please let me know if you have something to add to it.

The following sites Are scams. While they may pay out to a select few people, to try and stay up and running, for the most part the do not really pay their members. most of them I have given three chances. I do believe in second chances after all. I have no problem with giving them credit on my list of real sites. But they have not earned this. Some of them do not pay anyone at all. And some of them are just trying to get your money. They may very well make money for your work. But you will see little to none of it yourself.

Adbux.org scam
AMPSurveys.com scam scam
AskAmerica.org scam
Australia Survey Panel.com scam scam
AWSurveys scam
BeeHeard.com scam
BeginSurvey Inc. scam
Best Cash Jobs.com scam
bestfocusgroups.com scam
Biz Opp Junction.com scam .
Bolt.com scam
Campus-Surveys.org scam
Canada Survey Panel.com scam
Cash For Surveys.com scam
Data Entry Pro.com scam
Desktop Innovation scam
Dynamic Logic scam
Easy-Paid-Surveys.com scam
Easy Rewards.com.au scam
Easy Student Work.com scam
eBookslife scam
ECN research scam
Einsights scam
eMarketPanel.com scam
e-MarketsResearch.com scam
Encinitasca.org scam
eWorldresearch scam
Express Paid Ssurveys.com scam
Eye Cloud.com scam
Franklin Surveys.com scam .
Freebie People.com scam
Free Pay.com scam
Free Paying Surveys.com scam
Fusion Cash.net scam
Genuine Survey Jobs.com scam
Get Cash For Surveys.com scam
Get Paid2.com scam
Get Cash For Surveys.com scam
Get Paid For Photos.com scam
Get Paid To Surveys.com scam
Get Paid To Try.com scam
Global Survey Group.com scam
Go Paid Surveys.com scam
Grant-Sources.com scam.
GreenHorse.com scam
Handbag Test Panel scam
Highest Pay Surveys.com scam
Home Job Solutions.com scam
Home Typers.com scam
HyperSurvey. scam
Interactive Opinions.com.au scam
Incentive Reward Center.com scam
i-netvalues.com/optIn.htm scam
Internet Opinion Group.com scam
Internet Survey Group.com scam
Its Yours Now.net scam
Kelly research scam
Low Risk Incomes.com scam
Mailbox-Dollars.com scam
Market Profiles scam
MBS Internet.net scam
Market Factor.com scam
Market Profiles scam
Matrix Reward.com scam
Miller-Williams.com scam
Money-op.com scam
My Google Job.com scam
My Choice Rewards.com scam
National Opinion Panel.com scam
National Survey Guide.com scam
NetPollster scam
Opinion Paycheck.com scam
Online Insight scam
Online Proofreaders.com scam
Online Survey Cash.com scam
Paid2Survey scam
Paid For Free.com scam
Paid Marketing Panel.aavalue.com scam
Paid Surveys.com scam
Paid-Surveys-at-Home.com scam
Paid Surveys Etc.com scam
Paid Surveys Online.com scam
Paid Surveytopia
Pajama Cash.com scam
Panda research scam
Pinpoint research scam
Polls That Pay.com scam
Pop Culture Survey.com scam
Prize o Matic.com scam
Product Opinion Panel.com scam
Product Test Panel.com scam
Profit Survey.com scam
QandCash.com scam
Question Market scam
Reliaclick.com scam
Secret Mystery Shopping.com
Secret Web Shopper.com scam.
Shadow Shopper.com scam
Shoppers Voice scam
Shopping Jobs Here.com scam
Silent Sales Machine.com scam
Site Review Authority.org scam
Sondages scam
STSRewards scam
Student-Surveys.org scam
Survey.net scam
SurveyAnnex.com scam
SurveyComplete.com scam
SurveyClub scam
SurveyExchange scam
SurveyExplosion scam
SurveyIncome System.com scam
SurveyLion.com scam
SurveyLot.com scam
SurveyMission scam
SurveyNetworks.com scam
SurveyPass scam
SurveyPayday scam
SurveyPayoff.com scam
SurveyPeace.com scam
SurveyPrincess scam
SurveyRewards.com scam
SurveyScout.com scam
SurveySponsors.com scam
SurveyStorage.com scam
SurveyStrategy scam
SurveysPaid.com scam
SurveySun.com scam
SurveyTeam scam
The Consumer Beat.com scam
The Global Survey Panel.com scam
The Prize Panel.com scam
The Rich Jerk.com scam
The Survey Pro.com scam
The Ultimate Rewards.com scam
Top Dollar Surveys.com scam
Top Online Surveys.com scam
Top Site Ratings.com scam
Trialsize.com scam
Type-at-Home.com scam
Type International.com scam
Usa Brand Survey.com scam
Usefull Signups.com scam
Vindale research scam
Viva Research.com scam
Weekly Cash Income.com scam
Whats He Has To Say.com scam
Whats Your Opinion.net scam
Your Opinion Pays.org scam
Zoom Direct